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Sings flows, Raps notes, Dresses dope.

Welcome to the world of Kupid the King. Music has always been an avenue of peace & self-expression for me, and it’s a joy to share  a piece of my peace with you.


My love for music has taken me on an incredible journey, from playing my first shows in small venues and having eight songs featured on BBC WM in 2018, 19 & 21, being A-Listed on local stations such as Brum Radio & even hosting my own radio show on Gorgeous Radio to being played internationally on radio stations across Europe, Asia and regular play on college radio in Brooklyn New York, Chicago & Baltimore and more.


In 2018, I was fortunate to headline a show at Robin 2 which was an incredible experience. But the true highlight of my career so far has been an all-expenses-paid trip to Atlanta to attend A3C Festival & Conference and to record at Patchwerk studios. I've since gone on to do incredible things including a commissioned UK Midlands Tour, a Wray & Nephew Sponsorship and opening for Klashnekoff at his headline show in Birmingham.


I've also had the privilege to collaborate with artists, producers and instrumentalists from all over the world.


Moments with Kupid the King - with Joiisol, Eyah Cohle, Ellisse Daley, Ayy, Vy, Amania, Joseph Nelson (MD) & Warren McCalla.

IIII (EP) - with Marc Brook, Add A Decimal, Tarju Le'Sano, Ellisse Daley, Ayy, T33K1D & J Bizz.

The Dream EP - with Wizard of O.Z, Marc Brook, Spock

Hermione (EP) - with Add A Decimal, Ayy, Esson, Jay L'Booth, Organised Chaos, Tarju Le'Sano.


P Louise - IN THE BAG - Pink Island - Letter to my X - Looks - Sellotape Kisses - First Class - Hate to Lose - HuManKind - The Power - Peace of Mind - For The People - Lost Boy - Mom's heart - The Fall - Peace of Mind PT II - Hero - The Burn Out - Memory Loss - Misfits - Diamond - Vacay - We Won't Fall - 25 Days of Litmas - Pink Island (EDM Remix) - Pink Island (Socabeats Remix) - Pink Island (Amapiano Remix)

with Add A Decimal, OCEAN, Young Trelle, Marc Brook, Spock, Mac James, Joiisol, JoTyra, Nappa, Diary of a Poet, ManeTon, Ayy, Jay L'Booth, Ellisse, Vy, T33K1D, NeOne the Wanderer, Priscilla Cameron, Mari, Last Leta, Wizard of O.Z, Femmy Rekson & Blvcknavy.

I’m excited to continue sharing my music with the world.

Kupid the King posing with his iconic red beard, hands in his pocket in a strong yet nonchalant power pose.
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