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Kupid in the dressing room before delivering his Tedx talk


Industries Include - Project Management, Arts & Entertainment, Events, Education & Instruction, Childcare

Roles Include - Project Manager • Creative Practitioner • Public Speaker • Well-being Coach • Author • Behavioural Mentor • Restorative Practitioner • Recording & Performing Artist • Events Coordinator • Presenter • Workshop Facilitator • Host & Compère • Childcare Practitioner

Kupid Val-Essoné is a freelance practitioner from Wolverhampton, England, who boasts a long list of accolades, fusing over 15 years of experience working with young people, decades in the music & arts industry and his 12 year journey as a father to create meaningful connections with participants of all ages with a diversity of needs and backgrounds. All of the work that Kupid has done as an author, public speaker & practitioner tells a story, shares a message, connects with his audience in an honest and relatable way, sharing a piece of himself to support others to work towards their full potential. Kupid describes his work as challenging, rewarding, and vital work that can not be done without dedication, passion, resilience, and honest communication.


"I am more than what I do,

I pose for the camera sometimes, sometimes I write stories and songs, I record and perform my songs, I raise my son the best way I know how and I do my best to teach the youth the things that I have learnt so far on my own journey.

I don't do any of it for the clout, I do it to improve the lives of those who live in the world around me,

I do it to improve life for myself.

I am what I do,

and what I do is role model the behaviours that I believe the world needs more of."


The back of Kupid as he faces out towards a workshop


Kupid the King delivering an Interactive session.
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