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Kupid the King at Pink Island Café with a young fan and music affiliate Add A Decimal.


Kupid the King & Add A Decimal teamed up in 2023 for an August release that will bang well into summer 2025! It's giving 'grown' and it's giving 'sexy', their single PINK ISLAND is definitely one for the ladies. (But the guys have been lovin' it too!)

This year they have released IN THE BAG in February and P Louise (feat. OCEAN) in April. These are two releases from The Pink Island EP which is set to drop this summer!

Two kings united by their love for music,
their drive and their passion.

Alternative Hip-Hop/R&B artists from the West Mids, England and East Coast of the US. Between them they've performed at shows & festivals worldwide and work internationally with artists and producers!


Kupid the King and Add A Decimal sing & rap about a place where girls can be girls. Inspired by P.Louise and Pink Island Café, they tell a tale of how the love and support of a partner helps us to indulge in all of life's luxuries, from having the time freedom to travel internationally or the financial freedom to dine out at the finest restaurants.

Come with me.





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