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My Cat Mona

My Cat Mona


My Cat Mona is a fun and poetic children’s storybook, which explores how humans and animals communicate with each other.


In the book, the author personifies animals to open lines of questioning and conversation in relation to recognising and understanding how others are feeling and what they may be thinking; as well as exploring methods to support peers, friends and family when they are feeling scared, nervous or excited.


Written by Christian “Kupid” Esson

Illustrated by James “Bod Machine”


    "A beautiful way of looking at individuality and accepting the different ways we communicate." - Mother of 4 Year Old

    "It's a great book that teaches how and when to be patient and understanding that not everyone communicates in the same way." - A 10yr old big-sister of 1yr old boy

    "My girl enjoyed My Cat Mona, She gave it 4 Stars" - Rachael


    Christian "Kupid" Esson is a recording & performing artist, a mentor, practitioner and coach from Wolverhampton, England. Kupid recently added Author to his long list of accolades; when he fused years of experience working with young people, his love for animals and his journey as a father.

    He penned this book in the hope that it would spark meaningful conversations, encourage communication, understanding & patience and nurture positive relationships. He honours his extensive knowledge, passion and the limitless curiosity of his young son.


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